Name: Rashad Badrawi

Title: Senior Computational Biologist/Datawarehouse Specialist

Email: <rbadrawi.utoronto AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>

Short Bio:

Rashad has been professionally involved in blending biomedical sciences and computer sciences for over a decade. Before coming to UofT, Rashad joined and led software projects in bioinformatics and medical informatics for major employers in the US, Canada, and overseas, including: University of Connecticut Medical Center, Curagen, Incyte Genomics, Nightingale Informatix, and Faisal Specialist Hospital. Rashad is also a member of Canada Health Infoway (HL-7 Canada), and recently became a Technical Representative on their Technical Subcommittee. This is a volunteer, elected, leadership position dealing with the main topics in e-health today.

Rashad's education was also in line with his career interests. He earned a Bachelor's in Biology from the American University of Beirut, and two master's from Northeastern University in Boston: one in pharmacology and the other in Information Systems. He had pursued, and continues to pursue, diverse training and certification, such as Clinical Research Training at the Massachusetts Biotech Council, Java language certification, and object-oriented software architecture training. He had a brief earlier career as a high school teacher which satisfied his interest in mentoring and presenting, as well.

Current/Earlier Projects:

1. ID Mapping/Partial datawarehouse foundation: Used by GeneMania.

2. Translation of BIND: Used by PathwayCommons and useful for the scientific community in general.

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