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Toronto Computational Biology Community

University of Toronto

Mainly computational

[ Gary Bader]

Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomedical Research, Banting and Best

Biomolecular interaction networks and pathways

[ Anthony Bonner]

Computer Science

Computational biology algorithms, machine learning

[ Michael Brudno]

Computer Science, Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomedical Research

Computational biology algorithms

[ Hue-Sun Chan]


Computational protein folding

[ Brendan Frey]

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomedical Research

Bayesian networks, machine learning algorithms

[ Chris Hogue]


Molecular interaction database, pathway simulation, protein folding

[ Igor Jurisica]

Ontario Cancer Institute @ MaRS, Computer Science

Cancer informatics

[ David McMillen]

UofT, Mississauga

Quantitive biology, cell system simulation

[ Quaid Morris]

Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomedical Research, Computer Science

Machine learning algorithms

[ John Parkinson]

Hospital for Sick Children @ MaRS

Comparitive genomics, cell system simulation

[ Regis Pomes]

Hospital for Sick Children

Molecular dynamics simulations of proteins

[ Nicholas Provart]


Arabidopsis thaliana gene expression analysis

[ Boris Steipe]

Biochemistry, Molecular and Medical Genetics

Structural bioinformatics, protein engineering

[ Elisabeth Tillier]

University Health Network @ MaRS

Molecular evolution

[ Thodoros Topaloglou]

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Data management

[ Shoshana Wodak]

Hospital for Sick Children

Transcription factor-DNA binding, protein docking and engineering

[ Zhaolei Zhang]

Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomedical Research, Banting and Best

Comarative genomics, evolution, regulatory element prediction

Mainly wet lab

[ Charlie Boone]

Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomedical Research, Banting and Best

Genetic and physical interactions in yeast

[ Stephen Davies]

Institute for Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering

Genetic ciruits, DNA computing

[ David Guttman]


Comparative and evolutionary genomics, molecular evolution

[ Andrew Emili]

Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomedical Research, Banting and Best

Proteomics, functional genomics, bioinformatics, mass spectrometry

[ Walid Houry]


Molecular chapersones

[ Tim Hughes]

Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomedical Research, Banting and Best

Functional genomics using gene expression microarrays

[ Tony Pawson]

Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute

Cell signaling, protein interaction domains

[ Steve Scherer]

Hospital for Sick Children @ MaRS, The Centre for Applied Genomics

Human genetics

[ William Stanford]

Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering

Mouse mutants, stem cells

[ Gil Privé]

Ontario Cancer Institute

X-ray crystallography

[ Mike Tyers]

Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute

Cell division in yeast, proteomics, interaction databases

[ Jim Woodgett]

Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute

Protein kinases, DNA microarrays

[ Christopher Yip]

Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering

Single molecule imaging, protein assembly

Biostats and epidemiology

[ Shelley Bull]

Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute

Statistical genetics, microarray analysis

[ Celia Greenwood]

Hospital for Sick Children

Genetic epidemiology, microarray analysis

[ John McLaughlin]

Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute

Statistical genetics and cancer


[ Peter Singer]

Joint Centre for Bioethics

Genomics and global health


[ Centre for Computational Biology]

Hospital for Sick Children

Support and services

[ Toronto Centre for Phenogenomics]

SLRI, UHN, SickKids, St. Michael's

Mouse phenogenomics

[ Centre for Modeling Human Disease]

Centre for Phenogenomics

Gene trap database

[ Cancer Research Institute of Ontario]


Coming soon

York University

[ Suprakash Datta]

Computer Science

Genomic signal processing

[ Jörg Grigull]

Mathematics and Statistics

Microarray analysis

[ Mariana Kant]

Computer Science

Databases, algorithms

[ Walter Whiteley]

Mathematics and Statistics

Protein structure


See the [ Computational Biology Institute of Ontario] [ community website],BR organized by Boris Steipe, for an Ontario-wide list.


See the [] [ community website],BR organized by Francis Ouellette, for a Canada-wide list.




Unleashed Informatics||200 Elm Street

Bioinformatics databases e.g. BIND, SeqHound


Advanced Chemistry Development||110 Yonge Street, 14th floor

Chemistry software

Biomedical graphics

AXS Biomedical Animation Studio||MaRS building

Biomedical 3D animation

UofT Biomedical Communications program||UofT MSB

M.Sc. program


ChondroGene||800 Petrolia Road (401 & Keele)

Molecular diagnostics

CombiMatrix||MaRS||Custom DNA microarrays

Tm Bioscience||439 University Ave, Suite 900

DNA-based diagnostics


MaRS Discovery District (Medical and Related Services)||MaRS building

Biotechnology hub

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