Biological Systems Lab, Prof. Gary Bader

We are a computational biology lab focusing on systems biology at the cell and tissue levels. We have made many contributions to network and pathway analysis and interpretation of genomics data to support biological discovery and precision medicine applications. More recently we are developing computational methods and an ecosystem theory of tissue function, based on single-cell genomics data, that considers cell-cell interactions, cell growth, and cell internal mechanisms, such as pathways, reactions, and causal relationships, to help understand development, cancer as well as regenerative wound healing processes. We support this work by developing open-source biological pathway and network databases and visualization and analysis software, like Cytoscape, Pathway Commons and GeneMANIA, which we collaboratively develop with others.

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Watch the Inner Life of the Cell movie from Harvard (45MB)


Where we are:
160 College Street, Room 602
The Donnelly Centre
University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M5S 3E1

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Gary Bader
Phone: 416-978-6888
gary.bader *a-t*

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