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I was a member of the Bader lab and worked as a postdoc at the University of Toronto in the Terrence Donnelly CCBR from January 2009 to November 2011. During that time I was involved in many projects related to the integrative biology of the yeast cell. In particular I have studied large-scale genetic interaction networks (see Publications for more details).

I was trained as an engineer in Eletrical Engineering in Supelec in France. I received a Master in Computer Science from the University of Orsay (France) in 2005. I received my PhD in Bioinformatics in 2008 from the same University. During my PhD, I worked on transcriptomic and proteomic data analysis in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis with Dr. Jean-Christophe Aude and Dr. Pierre Legrain at the Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) in Saclay (France).

I have now moved to the Netherlands Cancer Institute where I work on cancer genomics projects and in particular the stratification of colorectal cancer. I am part of the Bioinfomatics and Biostatistics group of Pr. Lodewyk Wessels.


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Email: <magali.michaut AT SPAMFREE iscb DOT org>

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