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The WordCloud App is a Cytoscape App that generates a word tag cloud from a user-defined node selection, summarizing an attribute of choice. For instance, if selected nodes are proteins, and the string attribute "full protein name" is selected, every string will be broken down into words, which will be plotted on a panel with size proportional to their frequency.

It is also possible to use the plugin to cluster words that appear together in the selected nodes. For instance, if node A has name attribute "Origin Recognition Complex 1" and node B has name attribute "Origin Recognition Complex 2", then the words "Origin", "Recognition" and "Complex" will be clustered together, following the order in which they appear. The plugin operates on any network and on any selected attributes, although it has been specifically designed for string attributes such as gene names or gene ontology annotations.

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Current Version (3.0)

Previous Versions

Updated 1/6/11

Updated 10/14/10

Updated 9/12/2010

Updated 7/20/2010

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Step by step tutorials that include expected output for one of the sample data download Cytoscape sessions provided above.

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